Published writing by Julia Lee Barclay

  1. Besides, you lose your soul or the History of Western Civilization,

anthologized in Regional Best 2011 published by Level 4 Press.

  1. 13 Minutes: Subliminal Car Music for Sarah, published in online journal How2 at

• Future Worlds – Tricorn Init!, published in Karawane or, the temporary death of the bruitist, a journal of experimental performance texts, published by Laura Winton through University of Minnesota.

• The Jesus Guy - Apocryphal Theatre present an Artists’ Diary in words and pictures compiled by the company’s director Julia Lee Barclay, published in Total Theatre 18(03).

  1. How I Work, published in Brunel University’s online journal Body Space and Technology at

• No Words (a response to living through September 11, 2001 in NYC), published in an American Studies textbook and on website by Prentice Hall.

• Word To Your Mama, anthologized in Plays and Playwrights 2001, published by New York Theatre Experience.

Besides, you lose your soul, or The History of Western Civilization,

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