Other Possible Worlds On Stage

by Kelina Gotman, PAJ Journal of Performance and Art

MIT University Press, Sep 2010, vol. 32, pp. 48-54

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  1. Besides, you lose your soul, or

The History of Western Civilization

Chris Goode, Total Theatre, pp.15, 2009

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• Playing with Post-Secular Performance

by Frank Chamberlain, Project MUSE, PAJ:

A Performance and Art Journal, vol. 31, pp. 54-67, Jan 2009

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The Jesus Guy

Dorothy Max-Prior, Total Theatre, pp.14 - 17, Sep. 2006

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Cutting it up, fragments and ruins

in Julia Barclay’s New York Theatre

Cathy Turner, Performance Research,

7(1) pp 54-67, 2001

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My hands as a common grave, as a garden

Review of The Jesus Guy by Luis C Sotelo, Body Space

and Technology Journal, Brunel University West London

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Julia Barclay is guest on

Jill Robinson blogtalkradio

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Podcast with Julia Barclay and

Bill Aitchison New York Theatre Experience  

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