Apocryphal Theatre Festival II

8-16 Nov 2008, Camden People’s Theatre

Camden People’s Theatre presented Apocryphal Theatre’s second festival of work by the group and individual members. 

The group works were a performance response to Besides, you lose your soul or the History of Western Civilisation and a resurrection of The Jesus Guy.

Individual shows included: 2012 by Bill Aitchison, Future Worlds: Tricorn init! by Julia Lee Barclay with Scale Projects (Paul Burgess and Simon Daw), Strung Together by Alison Blunt with Ivor Kallin, Jumbled Wonder by Faculty of Wonder (Rachel Ellis and Lucy Foster), Humming Bird by Lukas Angelini, Feldröhren I II by Boris Kahnert and This is How I Lost My Memory by Lucy Avery. On the last day of the festival, Barclay did a reading of a new text We live In financial times, Part 1: Blackberry Curve, which was written in response to the global financial crisis. The audience as well as company performers were welcome to respond to this reading however they wished.  During the festival, Barclay led an intensive workshop in Apocryphal Theatre’s working methods and discoveries, which culminated in workshop participants creating their own short piece, for an informal showing on the final day of the festival.

Apocryphal Theatre Festival I

28 Jan- 1 Feb 2008,  Lorem Ipsum Gallery

The Lorem Ipsum Gallery presented the Apocryphal Theatre Lab in action and experimental work by the individual members of the company in our first festival.

Performances: Apocryphal Theatre Open Lab: Reaction / Response; 2012 by Dr. Bill Aitchison; We Ventured Out for a Drink, by Rachel Ellis and Melina Seldes; Journey of the Heart, written by Sara Angelini, performed by Lukas Angelini; Future Worlds: Tricorn Init! by Julia Lee Barclay & The Scale Project (Paul Burgess and Simon Daw);  Missing 2 by Jane Munro & The Visitors; and This Is How I Lost My Memory by Lucy Avery.


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