About Apocryphal Theatre

Apocryphal Theatre is an experimental, international, cross-disciplinary theatre company made up of performers from a wide variety of backgrounds, live artists, a musician, a composer and a visual artist. The company emerged in 2004 from a weekly exploratory lab led by Julia Lee Barclay. Whilst creating full scale productions, festivals and other events for the public, the lab remains at the heart and soul of Apocryphal Theatre as it is here we find the tools to search the psychic backstage, the the better to break into what William Burroughs referred to as the ‘reality studio’ - to have a look around there, see how the gears work and to see

if it all has to be this way.

Company Mission Statement

Apocryphal Theatre’s artistic vision/desire/hope is to:

Undermine the reality-grid of right now: meaning

that which we say “that’s the way it is” about - either

publicly or privately.

Regarding: class/money, race/ethnicity,

gender/sex/religion/God, realpolitik/politics,

nationalism/patriotism, war/peace, sacred/secular...etc.

Through: the creation of theatrical work that

challenges these assumptions by, first, owning them

as our own (not pawning it off on an “other” which somehow creates a world in which we live as victims), exploring the depths of our own assumptions/investments and investigating our own “desiring machines” (concept from Gilles Deleuze/ Felix Guattari). The Deleuze/Guattari theory is that we all, to some extent carry within us fascistic investments (meaning investments in a state of “being”) and revolutionary investments (meaning investments in the process of “becoming”). Their desire was to enact a kind of radical psychology wherein our fascistic investments could be examined, owned and somehow uprooted to bring about a social investment in something other than “being” - i.e., a static, repressive environment which rewards conformity and a certain kind of subservience to an other-centered order of things as they are. Their vision has to do with a more revolutionary social body - one in which the process of becoming itself is integral to living, and there is no need to impose a hegemonic force onto other living creatures (examples of this now and in the past: capital, Christianity and other Evangelical/missionary religions, slavery, women as property, man’s dominion over/destruction of nature, psychology, “the Big Bang”, etc.) This is an incredible reduction of everything they said, but serves as a useful starting point for the goals of our theatrical experiments.

How: by creating theatrical pieces that uproot the static nature of language, gesture, character, etc. in such a way as to bring about this process of becoming: first in our own bodies/souls/minds as players/writers/designers/choreographers/directors and thence into the bodies/minds/souls of the audience.


Why: to make visible the construction of the language with which we create the world we perceive; to allow us a moment in the gap between the understood and the unknown, to listen for the voices which have not yet formed, not yet been heard but still call to us in an undefined language which is perhaps no less real or pressing for being as yet unwritten.

- written by Julia Lee Barclay (1999; revised for Apocryphal Theatre  in 2005)

‘This work is at the forefront of the exploration of performance as a space of possibilities developing today, and pointing to the future of creative

theatre and performance practice’

- Prof. Dr. Hans-Thies Lehmann,  author of

 Postdramatic Theatre

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